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Dead Dianne: Feinstein Leaves the Swamp for Hell by Passing Through a Dirt Hole

The long awaited death of Senator Dianne Feinstein of California has come to pass. Her tenure, which began just after the civil war, stands as a monument to deep state corruption and a tradition of lying to the American people. While some may wax poetic about her accomplishments, it's worth mentioning she was a fucking witch and smelled of old urine.

Feinstein made history as the first female senator from the Golden State, and now the party she leaves behind can't define what a female is. Her six terms in Congress were filled with an impressive array of "firsts," making her the queen of breaking gender barriers. Thanks to her delusional gender knows no borders madness, border states get to have all those rape cases by illegals crossing from Mexico.

Let’s not forget her contributions as a champion of misguided gun control and disregard for the constitution. Dead Dianne leaves an indelible mark much like a shit stain on the world of politics – a mark that will leave us disgusted for generations to come.

Now, as we look to the future, we can only wonder what swamp donkey will fill Feinstein's cloven hoof shoes, and how long do we still need to wait for the rest of the geriatric traitors to follow her?

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