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We haven't had the time to cover the US "retaliation" to the killing of 3 US Service members in Syria. Basically because it was a non event and just a vulgar waste of taxpayer money.

Here's part of why.

(NOTE: the issue of everyone knowing the B1s were on their way is mentioned around 2:52 and that has been established through a number of different X accounts. Meaning that the bad guys had 11 plus hours PLUS the other couple of days to move all of their personnel around)

You say "why use planes that far away from target when we have multiple aircraft carriers in theater?" That should be a question for Congress. After all, they had nothing to do with ordering the strikes!

Ditto no real bomb damage on the Houthis. So what is the Biden Administration playing at?

While terrorism starts to ramp up in Europe.

Mostly illegal immigrant launches Acid Attack against persons in the UK. The police have yet to find him. (NOTE: Illegal immigrant from Afghanistan, convicted of exposure/paedo and targeted young girls and women)

Speaking of Europe, France is once again seriously censoring any video trying to get out into the mainstream.

was it islmaofascists or a clumsy workman?

We do know that French farmers and their supporters have laid siege to Paris and that there are also protests against the criminal islamo-fascist immigrants in the country.

We will be looking for a better conduit to supply information!

The big fish for this week.

February 8, 2024

This is based on Colorado Supreme Courts allowing to remove President Trump from the ballots due to "Insurrection" Clause of the US Constitution

Hoever, as more and more evidence comes to light regarding the activities on January 6, this could be the Democrats idea of a footrace to disqualify Trump before the whole can of worms that is Jan 6 opens up all of the media.

THIS Supreme Court has had some of the most widespread attacks and intimidations made against it's Justices that would rival any other court at any other time.

They have made a couple of rulings, so far, that scream the fact that they are folding to the will of the mob that has set itself up as the ruling faction in the US governement.

Let's hope that we don't have another lack of courage during this trial as I would hate to see what happens when President Trump gets taken off the slate.

@@@@Stayed tuned this week as we will be covering more of the national and international issues that effect you and your loved ones.



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