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Unpacking the FBI Attack on Catholics: A Possible New Chapter in Marxist Warfare on Western Beliefs

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Watch out who you leave in charge of the henhouse
Catholic Fox sermonizing the chickens and geese

Another chapter in the monumental attack by global marxism against the western belief systems in the USA. Senate hearings on the FBI and its new conintelpro operations against the "Traditionalist Catholics" in the Roman Catholic Church. This based on the idea that they are possible "internal terrorist threats"

Within that evasion fest, we were able to glean the following. That being the targeting of Catholics (specifically catholics) for surveillance by FBI. Also, it appears, that FBI was trying to "turn" members of the Roman Catholic Church to become information conduits (informants)

Wray is one of the great practitioners of ambiguity. He is an evader of the highest order and while he performs these antics at Senate hearings, his henchmen continue on their way of warrantless surveillance.

Many months ago, the same line of question was brought up to Merrick Garland with the same results.

Is it because the Roman Catholic Church is that last edifice of large scale Christian belief in the country? Breaking up the moral underpinnings of enemies of marxism is always a priority.

This opaqueness on the part of the Justice department is across the Legislative board as they also stonewalled the investigation in the House of Representatives.

Granted the church has problems and will probably implode on it's own, but no reason, to have a government sponsored witch hunt do it.

Want some good reporting on Catholicism?

Pastor Chris Swanson of Calvary Chapel Silver Springs talks the Book of Job.


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