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USA is #1 world's arms dealer.

Recent developments have brought to light the complexities and perceived contradictions in the U.S. government's stance regarding Israel's military operations in Gaza. Amidst criticisms of Israel's actions, the Biden administration finds itself maintaining a steady flow of arms to its longstanding ally.

The controversy heightened when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the U.S. of withholding critical weapons and ammunition over the past few months, a claim swiftly denied by the White House. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized that, aside from one paused shipment of heavy bombs, arms transfers have continued unimpeded. White House officials insisted that regular arms supplies to Israel remain consistent, contradicting Netanyahu's statements.

“We genuinely do not know what he is talking about. We just don't,” said Jean-Pierre, distancing the administration from Netanyahu's assertions. Despite these denials, the U.S. halted a single large shipment of offensive weapons due to concerns over Israel's planned offensive in Rafah.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken reinforced this position, asserting no substantial change in the U.S. policy towards arming Israel. Notably, after a brief delay, Congressional Democrats approved a significant arms sale worth $15 billion, including 50 F-15 fighter jets. This reinforces the notion that U.S. military support for Israel persists robustly.

This situation unfolds amid increasing scrutiny and global concern over Israel’s military tactics in Gaza. The United Nations has highlighted potential violations of international law, particularly around the use of heavy bombs in densely populated areas. Despite this, Washington's extensive arms shipments to Israel, amounting to thousands of munitions, have proceeded largely unimpeded.

Contradictions between U.S. actions and statements have become more apparent. While condemning Israel’s military operations for their humanitarian impact, the U.S. continues to facilitate considerable arms transfers to support the same efforts. This duality feeds perceptions of hypocrisy and undermines America’s position on advocating for peace and human rights.

The broader geopolitical implications are significant. Hezbollah's increased activity along Israel’s northern border intensifies regional tensions. U.S. officials have been engaged consistently with Israeli counterparts, navigating a delicate balance of support and caution against further escalations.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza deepens, with the Palestinian death toll rising alarmingly. U.S. government officials and lawmakers have expressed serious concerns about the disproportionate impact on civilians, calling for more regulated arms sales and heightened accountability.

The debate around the U.S.'s arms policy towards Israel underscores a critical juncture in American foreign policy. As it stands, the continuation of arms supplies amidst stern condemnations of military actions presents a dichotomy that affects both international relations and regional stability. Critics argue that without a coherent approach, U.S. credibility in promoting peace and security in volatile regions remains questionable.

The Biden administration faces a mounting challenge: to reconcile its diplomatic stance advocating for humanitarian considerations with its strategic commitments to Israel. This evolving situation demands vigilant examination and potentially substantial policy recalibrations to address the inherent contradictions currently shaping U.S.-Israel relations.

These contradictions make it even harder for the Biden team to justify their abandonment of Israel prior to the kick off of the Hexbollah offensive. (In fact, the US rumblings are probably what has emboldened Iran through it's proxy Hezbollah, to ratchet up the rhetoric)

Foolishly, BLinken and Company do not see the other arab eyes on their duplicity. Saudi Arabia is an apt pupil and is taking notice of how Biden treats long term allies.

This knowledge will NOT help the US going forward if/when it would seek an arab coalition to deal with the Israel/Gaza peace process. Biden is basically losing the war AND the peace.

The victims of US insecurity are mounting.


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