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Founder of the Israel Defense and Security Forum

Prior to the events of October 2024, a number of Israel watchers had claimed that , much like the US and other countries) had been infiltrated by ne'er do wells who had undermined the effectiveness of the military and shifted the country of Israel from a religious to a secular base.

That and the coup against the earlier Netanyahu government laid a firm groundwork for the lapses in security that are now known as the single largest loss of jewish life since the Holocaust.

Some people did see the direction the military and government were headed but were not in a position to speak up or to take steps to safeguard against the coming storm.

One man did take advantage of his situation and moved forward to draw attention to the security risks that Israel faced and also to make recommendations at to what to do to fix the problem.

That man was Brigadier General Amir Avivi.

A little bit about the General:

To illustrate the effectiveness of Gen Avivi, it can be noted he went from 0-100 rather fast.

The IDSF now boasts18,000 reserve officers and operators in it's membership and has chapters in most of the main cities in Israel.

You can view the IDSF and it's mission here:

On top of their political/military goals, the IDSF puts out a series of situational "briefs" of the ongoing military campaign against Hamas.

If you go through the IDSF homesite, you will find a wealth of information on the operations and mindset that has gone into the current operations in Gaza and elsewhere in Israel.

(NOTE: Don't take everything as Gospel but these kind of sites give you much more depth and color to the conflict. This is a good first step to parse information from Legacy media)


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