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Left turning Jordan vote into referendum on Trump

As of this copy, Rep. Jim Jordan has gone down twice in a vote for Speaker of the House of Representatives. His biggest enemy? The RINOs in his own party.

Here is the wall of shame. Remember their names and vote against them in the future, or right them an email expressing your displeasure.

(Information from CNN article)

First ballot

1. Don Bacon of Nebraska voted for former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

2. Lori Chavez-DeRemer of Oregon voted for McCarthy

3. Anthony D’Esposito of New York voted for former Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York

4. Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida voted for Steve Scalise of Louisiana

5. Jake Ellzey of Texas voted for Mike Garcia of California

6. Andrew Garbarino of New York voted for Zeldin

7. Carlos Gimenez of Florida voted for McCarthy

8. Tony Gonzales of Texas voted for Scalise

9. Kay Granger of Texas voted for Scalise

10. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania voted for Scalise

11. Jennifer Kiggans of Virginia voted for McCarthy

12. Nick LaLota of New York voted for Zeldin

13. Mike Lawler of New York voted for McCarthy

14. John Rutherford of Florida voted for Scalise

15. Mike Simpson of Idaho voted for Scalise

16. Steve Womack of Arkansas voted for Scalise

17. Ken Buck of Colorado voted for Tom Emmer of Minnesota

18. John James of Michigan voted for Tom Cole of Oklahoma

19. Doug LaMalfa of California voted for McCarthy

20. Victoria Spartz of Indiana voted for Thomas Massie of Kentucky

Second ballot

1. Bacon voted for McCarthy

2. Vern Buchanan of Florida voted for Byron Donalds of Florida

3. Buck voted for Emmer

4. Chavez-DeRemer voted for McCarthy

5. D’Esposito voted for Zeldin

6. Diaz-Balart voted for Scalise

7. Ellzey voted for Garcia

8. Drew Ferguson of Georgia voted for Scalise

9. Garbarino voted for Zeldin

10. Gimenez voted for McCarthy

11. Gonzales voted for Scalise

12. Granger voted for Scalise

13. James voted for Candice Miller of Michigan

14. Kelly voted for former House Speaker John Boehner

15. Kiggans voted for McCarthy

16. Lawler voted for McCarthy

17. LaLota voted for Zeldin

18. Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa voted for Granger

19. Rutherford voted for Scalise

20. Simpson voted for Scalise

21. Pete Stauber of Minnesota voted for Bruce Westerman of Arkansas

22. Womack voted for Scalise

You can find your representative here:

"If you listen to fools, the Mob Rules" Ronnie James Did
The Mob Rules*

The author's take on the situation.

CNN and the other Lamestream media making the Speaker fight about Trump

Nothing better than South Carolina telling you about being a racist.

Scalise gets shot and all he gets is sanctimonious claptrap


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