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So here was the first shot against the DeSantis administration.

To my knowledge there were no arrests (law goes into place soon, so party while you can!) and no fines and ,of course, no deportations. If DeSantis expects to have any dignity left as a governor, he is going to have to level up and take the fight to the illegals and their socialist handlers or get scuffed up himself.

I would propose another alternative that makes good business sense, does not sap our state's finances for the US citizenry and will pull the teeth out of this idea that lawbreakers deserve to be rewarded (vs. those waiting in line to become citizens)

What would make great business sense and still treat our poorer members of society with dignity, would be a guest worker program similar to this.

Regardless, something has to be done about this human flood before it totally erodes the underpinnings of the United States.

Suggestions always accepted.


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