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The Ron DeSantis/ Ben Shapiro bromance book tour pulled into Hallandale, FL last night.

Great venue at Gulfstream Park, good views all around and after a few hours of fidgeting...

Ron DeSantis.

It went as well as the Governor could have hoped as far as crowd applause and adulation BUT he did no veer from his scripted dialogue into the hope for Q & A.

My questions were going to be about his (talked about at length during the interview) battle against evil gay corporation, Walt Disney, and his retaliation of closing the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

From WDWNT.Com

"The Reedy Creek Improvement District was established by a 1967 act signed by Republican Governor Claude R. Kirk Jr. The act allowed Disney to get the money and resources they needed to build Walt Disney World without constantly going through local governments. Through the act, landowners within the district, including Walt Disney World, are solely responsible for paying the cost of providing municipal services. That is, local taxpayers do not have to pay for these services.

The district essentially acts as its own county government and encompasses the cities of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, with fewer than 100 residents total. Residents of the two communities elect their city officials. The district is run by a five-member Board of Supervisors, elected by landowners (not residents), essentially leaving Disney as the sole controller."

Full Article here:

The big problem is the fact that Reedy Creek has a $1 Billion debt load that has to be paid by the State of Florida prior to the Gov. liquidating the project (ED. note: see above link for pricing of debt and possible legal action by nearby county)

So last night, unless I heard wrong, the Governor says that the surrounding counties will be shouldering the debt for his vendetta against a piece of corporate land housing 100 people?!?!

To which I add:

(Video Correction: there will be 5 appointed District Supervisors not 10)

So we went from verbally pushing back against a woke company to having the taxpayer shoulder an unvoiced for $1 Billion dollar debt?

It surely reminds me of the debacle that the State is involved with in addressing pollution

from the sugarcane fields damaging the water supply.

Another multi million dollar bit of corporate welfare, once again, at the taxpayers expense.

We can only hope that the Governor matures much faster than he has or otherwise his political career may not go much farther.

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