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Can this minor majority in the House be the one that a hands defeat to the Presidential aspirations of Donald Trump?

The last stand of the anti-swampers in regards to denying Speaker McCarthy of his carrot and the resulting backlash therefrom is going to be, yet one more puzzle for the voters to figure out.

But MAGA season has begun in earnest.

Problem 1 on that issue was the fact that Trump had backed McCarthy from the start.

This has caused a number of the <not so> faithful to immediately jump ship and swim over to Ron DeSantis' sunshine island. Never to look back at 45 except in contempt. The excuse of course is how to drain a swamp if you put a swamp monster in charge.

I believe that we will see that this is another of Trump's many gaffes as he continues to conflate the running of a legitimate, successful business with the running of the United States. (A government that many would argue is neither legal nor successful, but that is for another article) That and the accurate assessment of the "Holdout' position in the power dynamic as seen by the Holdouts themselves.

In the beginning, Matt Gaetz stated the fact that he and others were threatened if they did not party line the election of MCCarthy

The truth of the matter is that the same threat was issued to and acted upon earlier in regards to Marjorie Taylor Greene.

This made it clear that the RINOs were indeed prepared to play hardball to keep there position at the trough.

Gaetz and company had to keep the hold out going so as to make sure they would be clear of repercussions after the fact. Gaetz with his F.U. "Present" vote added the cherry to the top of the "we aren't playing" sundae.

The next hurdle is going to be if they can all work together and PRESS the Democrats on every unpopular order/law that they have enacted.

Can Jim Jordan get an honest and thorough investigation of the FBI off the ground? and did

Congress actually stand down the hiring of the IRS corps?

I hope that you all keep watching the show and keep pointing out to your congressperson what it is that you want to happen.


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