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When it rains, it pours...

Not only do we have the re-emergence of ANTIFA, the continuing surge of socialism and it's effects on our political system, the criminal activities of our Executive branch and it's allies in the Justice Department BUT now we have two groups of millionaire "Conservative" influencers fighting it out over a non starter talent contract!

The Daily Wire rebuttal, the normal way:

The Daily Wire rebuttal, the Candace Owens way:

The Tim Pool Interview:

Is this David vs. Goliath? Is Stephen Crowder really fighting for the rights of future influencers to not have to sign "suicide" contracts. To form a bulwark in a #stopthebigcon resistance to one overfunded company taking over as the "voice" of the conservative movement. A position that would be just as dangerous to Free Speech and independent thought as anything the socialist media can come up with?

Let's try to find the truth.

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