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Updated: Jan 19, 2023

The Internet is a buzz with the revelations from Stephen Crowder's leaked "possible contract" with Big Con (or Con Inc. whichever) and the conditions of his receiving the fabled $50 million payoff.

The problem being the conditions of the payment and how. it seems, the Daily Wires less worried about free speech as it is on hemming in the cream of the Conservative personality crop.

Crowder's contract has had a number of analysts, here is a good one.

One of the points that is made by most everyone still in the independent channel movement is the fact that once you accept the big money, you have to listen to the man.

An example of that was brought up in this video from "the Quartering" in which none other than Jordan B. Peterson seems to have dropped out of the Crowder support loop. (note: Peterson is now a paid player on the Daily Wire Circuit)

The need for the Big Con companies to bring all the names under their tent is the needed "muzzle factor" of actual respected Conservative/Republican voices to be able to oppose their new agenda which is the removal of Donald Trump as the center of the MAGA movement and add someone who is more likely to "play ball" but give them as "king makers" a seat at the decision making table.

Videos like Ben Shapiro's (below) showcase the tone deaf message that the Media Cons are going to push.

Funny that they seem to disregard the fact that Trump did/has been hit with the full force of governmental and corporate assault (short of actual assassination) and is still standing.

That lesson is the one that these grifters will be using on their own hand picked "candidates" to explain why they have to stick to a prescribed party line or they, too can feel the fire.


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