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Those watching the ups and downs of the sad drama that is the Broward County Public Schools may be watching this Thursday, February 2, 2023 at Noon as the Board works towards negotiating the severance package of failed Superintendent Dr. Vickie Cartwright.

Channel 6 lays out the situation and it is not a pretty one for the 1000s of children and families that rely on the Broward School district for education and professionalism.

The fact that Dr. Cartwright and a number of board members, administrators and of course, the President of the Teacher's Union have allowed their particularly virulent version of democratic socialism taint their respective offices has long been a point of contention from local parents up to and including the Governor of the State of Florida, Ron DeSantis

To be fair, the love affair with CRT, gender confusion and the like really started to flourish under Superintendent Rob Runcie, BUT it did not go fallow under Cartwright.

Nor did the issues of impropriety in school vendor contracts. The audits of two of said vendors was the basis of the Board firing Cartwright.

Questions about vendors and their pricing and treatment, even down to the "caps and gowns" used by students!

Even in this bureaucracy that has seen it's fair share of misuse of taxpayer dollars.

If you want to watch the proceedings of tomorrow's Board event but can't make it to the School Board, you can watch it live on Channel 19 or on live stream. GOTO COUNTY WEBSITE FOR FULL INFORMATION!!

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