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In a whirlwind week for Governor Ron DeSantis, he has, among other initiatives, rolled out his new all encompassing Education Program

The program is aimed at uplifting the education goals and standards of the State's public schools, empowering teacher's individual rights and striking down the harmful curriculum of the socialists, Critical Race Theory.

The major roadblock to the implementation of these new policies, here in Broward County, is Teacher's Union President Fusco

People in Broward know there is no love lost between the Social Democrats in the Teacher's Union and the Schoolboard versus the laws of the State of Florida.

So one has to wonder what will be the remedy to keep all this new taxpayer money going into the proper programs in the Broward Schools?

A side note, in a field where we could use a good deal of help to jump start small business in Florida, we are only putting a "negligible" amount into fostering Entrepreneurship

More to come as the issue plays out

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