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Brenda Fam, one of the newly Elected members to the Broward County School Board has posted this to her FaceB site. (Keep up the good work Brenda, the County needs to know more about how are TAX $$$$ are being spent!

From Brenda's post:

"It is very easy to identify those that put politics before the safety of children. The group “Truth Matters” shows that they do not care about the protection of minority children or the rights of minority parents. Women from this group publicly displayed their shallowness and exposed themselves as privileged uncaring individuals at a recent school board meeting. They asserted that parents of school children are not entitled to moral, personal, or free legal assistance from a school board member. They defined rendered aide as a conflict of interest and called for an investigation for providing assistance to a minority mother whose son had been strangled at school.

Two women, allegedly one the wife of the owner of Shiff Construction and Development, that does construction work for the school district. The other identified as a woman that lives in Sunshine Ranches, a very wealthy area filled with mansions in west Broward.

Both women are misguided and have their priorities confused. Neither woman, related or showed compassion for the injured minority child or the struggling minority parent that I am assisting. It is ironic because I have provided free assistance to the parents of gay children and no one has called for a cease and disist.

Another example. One woman objected to my attendance to a Protect the Children rally criticizing my stance on bringing an end to sex trafficking. Conspicuously omitting the Antifa members participated with LGBQT protestors parked across the street in disrupting and protesting against protecting children. Guess these women condone sex trafficking, terrorism, or they didn’t get the memo that the Antifa participants from the LGBQT protestors included terrorists that have since been arrested. Or is it their small minded opinion that I should only be helping gay children of the community and minority children are not worthy? Don’t know their true motivation but from the outside it doesn’t appear altruistic."

**Need to contact Brenda on matter relating to the Broward School Board?**

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