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Those of you who have been following the damaging course of the various branches of the "Green New Deal" (the US version under the "Squad") and also the EU and Africa versions are sure to realize that the folly of unrealistic goals, straight up socialist ideology and the will of those inflicting this program on the masses to "take acceptable losses in human life" to make it happen has shown the world one of the most horrific visions of socialism run amok since the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

In the video I am talking about a number of issues surrounding this "policy" A policy that is further exacerbating the hardships of the poor by enforced food scarcity, reductions in energy generation and increased competition for the welfare dollar.

We also highlight the fact that in countries, such as Belgium, the energy crisis is artificially managed by the country's government through the shutdown of functioning nuclear power plants

Germany, post Merkle, is reeling with the issues surrounding the energy shortages, loss of manufacturing capacity. Ex. the German auto industry has sunk $$$$ into electric cars and now, with the energy crisis, who is going to buy them? Although as stated I the video and in various articles, Germany has made itself vulnerable to Russia by destroying it's own energy self sufficiency while pursuing the ghosts of this socialist "Green New Deal"

More to come!

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