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Warrior Weekend with The Ronin Training

It was a pleasure meeting and photographing, I don't feel "shooting" is appropriate for this gig lol, these students of The Ronin Training on their Veterans Day inaugural Warrior Weekend camping trip.

These guy know how to do it! On the first day we setup our tents and other sleeping arrangements got a fire going. One of the members made amazing bison tacos on a propane hibachi, while another made the best damn mac and cheese I've ever had on his tailgate! We saw Jupiter and Saturn through the telescope that bison taco guy brought. After a bourbon and fireside "bravo sierra" session it was time to hit the sack.

Day 2 8:00 am: An absolutely pornographic amount of bacon is being hibachi'ed to crispy perfection and served with veggie omelettes and pancakes. Obviously, I had coffee but Jenna from the Ronin team was packing a usb rechargeable espresso maker! yeah! say that in your head right now. I'll wait. Now say it outloud! Clearly I need one of these.

One of the major themes of this trip was survival training and preparedness. Nothing says Ready for Zombie Apocalypse more than more than this thing!

That entire day was spend training and shooting the shit out of an old car culminating and all day smoked brisket, fireside cigars and bourbon. On the third day we did it again but along with all the runnin and gunnin we got to squeeze off a few rounds from the .50 Cal. For those who've never had this experience i recommend wearing either a diaper or condom. I can't say enough about this event other than I CAN'T WAIT TILL NEXT TIME!!!

Below are just a few photos from the event visit The Ronin Training for more... AND SOME AWESOME TRAINING!

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