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One of the standout moments in the Election 2022 cycle here in Florida was the total misreading of the Latino voters in Dade County by the Democrat party.

You really can't blame the socialists for it as they have a hard time adjusting those diversity glasses to understand that there is more than one culture and idealogy among the "other" voters in Florida politics. (see video below)

Most specifically, they thought that this focus group would be happy to support the spread of socialism through their new neighborhoods. What could go wrong?

Lucky for Governor DeSantis, this little mishap happened. But now, the anti-communist Latino community has to take it's licks from world famous boogeyman, George Soros.

Soros' new front the Latino Media Network has bought the channels from another fellow traveller Univision. The move can be seen for what it is. Another throttling of the anti-socialist press and an attempt to skew the Latino community away from anti-communist hate towards a kinder gentler socialism, as purveyed by the Democratic Party in Dade County.

One of the groups on the warpath is the Republican Amigos. Including within the group are a couple of the celebrities from the, soon to turn liberal, radio stations. If you want to get more information on their activities and where to hear Conservative talk radio en Espanol, contact them through Instagram above.


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