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In the last month or two, we have been hearing rumblings of ingratitude from our Ukrainian friends as to the amount of money they receive the equipment, weapons and training that they have etc, etc,

One of the most spoken of but rarely seen of the "wish list' is the German Leopard tank.

The Ukrainians will need heavy armor for their upcoming offensive that, they hope, will break the stalemate of the static war that they and the Russians have sunken.

Talk about telegraphing your next punch!? So, we discuss some of the variables in this new "It's not a Blitzkrieg" Blitzkrieg and why this may be the heavy battle tank's last ride to glory

To aid the visualization of the video (below) you can follow along on the maps provided by the Financial Times here:

Some thoughts on a possible scenario of this war starring the Leopard and it's friends is here:

As mentioned part of the hold up is with Germany itself.

Funny as it doesn't stop them from selling weapons to everyone else.

There could be Germany's ultimate fear that the Ukrainians, in the event of routing the Russian forces, would push up and into Russia. This could then bring all types of retaliation upon Ukraine from the "Chinese crossing the Yalu River" of the Korean War era to a possible low yield nuclear strike.

This would then depend on the ability of NATO to reign in the Ukrainians and the deftness of whatever political activities would be occurring at that point.

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