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"TRUTH," it has been said,"is the first casualty of WAR" Phillip Snowden, UK Parliament

No story exemplifies that much used quote as well as the "Mystery of the Nordstream Pipeline explosion" and it seems to be the casualty that keeps on giving.

While adding my contributions to this new news site, I combed the most recent news for any clues, discoveries, statements of fact.. Nothing new to report.

But there was. First, let's go back to the beginning.

In September, it was reported that there was a noticeable leak in the Nordstream 1 pipeline (pipeline connecting Russian Natural Gas to Germany)

A structural leak turned into not one, but TWO! Pipelines damaged! (Nordstream 1 and it's extra capacity carrier sister Nordstream 2) Then chances of the second pipeline blowing (it was minimally charged with gas to maintain it's integrity) which brought about everyone's favorite thoughts of TERRORISM" (discussed in the video below)

The Danish Coast Guard has run a solo investigation (rightly so) and has published some findings and there is an estimated 50 linear meter accident zone.

So, further research was done and as in any mystery, you look for the usual suspects. The United States, Russia, the EU and a gaggle of other rogue nations and bad actors came into focus.

Cutting of the gas supply to Europe on the eve of winter to stop their support of the Ukrainians? Biden driving up fuel prices to benefit US companies as a sugar pill for the Romney-ites and Rinos in the Congress to bend over and take the Green New Deal?

I was able to find the information? on the insurer of the project and if true, would either put the Russians in the frame or dramatically take them out.

The last insurer of record was Munich RE (they have since scrubbed the article from their parent website)

Which led to this video discussing the options as to who the bomber was

However, the idea that Biden had killed Nordstream to make way for US companies to fleece the europeans was an interesting lead.

Being a naive American, I thought that there was only Nordstream and, of course, the hub of pipelines in Ukraine (a big carrot in this war and probably one of the main points of contention re: transit fees) but then I was able to step back and look at the bigger picture

I am sure more digging will bring up more incestuous connections.

So as a recap, it seems that some bad actor was able to get into the Danish Sea and attach 100s of pounds of explosives (maybe) to not one but both of the Nordstrom pipelines causing an explosion resulting in the damage of at least 50 linear meters of both pipes.

A million suspects and not smoking gun, or if there is one..the Danes aren't talking.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned in most media that I have seen is the fact that Russia has been quietly working on repairs to the pipelines.

So as Putin grinds his forces and defense stockpiles into the ground, there is this article

Has Putin opened a second front, in the wallets of all of Europe? If so, will the EU abandon it's new friend Ukraine for some of that sweet, sweet heat?

The story gets stranger by the day.

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