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No one likes to see this type of event unfold. It does no good to the relations between the community, the Police and the local government.

Piecing together the stories goes as follows (I believe this is the correct continuity and similar timeline can be seen in the wbaltv article.

January 7, Approx. 8:30pm

1.Mr. Nicholas was pulled over for reckless driving by members of the Memphis Police (for you racists out there, the PD were all black officers. Mr. Nicholas was also black. Work racism in as you will)

2.At some point Mr. Nicholas decides to run away from the Police.

3.The Police catch Mr. Nichols and in the ensuing process of arrest, beat him badly enough that he needs to be CASEVAC from the scene to a hospital where, days later, he dies of his injuries.

4.The Officers have all been fired and are looking at criminal charges up to Second Degree murder.

Outside agitators are already busy co-opting this unfortunate event of their own purposed and usually this means that the Truth of the matter will remain hidden and Justice will not be correctly served.

Two things that the protestors will demand (guessing) is a Murder One charge and a follow-up Federal case for human rights violation.

In general, the cry to defund the police and for the Police Chief and Mayor to step down. (guessing)

I wanted to get some of this footage up prior to the great re-alignment that is sure to come in the next few days.

The link below is to footage that came off of a pole across the street from the incident (attributed by the news source)

below is a link to a local news channel that has multiple views and a fairly concise report as to the incident.

Now, since we know the woke will be on the media about the racist cops, etc. Just a note for you as to the disposition of forces in Memphis.

Meet the Chief of Police, Cerelyn J. Davis, the first "Black Female Chief" her wiki description

Mayor Jim Strickland, Democrat and Lefty

Here is a , seemingly, impartial website as to the ethnic makeup of Memphis PD

Since posting that information, I came across this article that stated the local "Historically Black College" was lobbying for one of their own law enforcement programs to become a feeder for the Memphis PD. It reads as a "diversity hire" and argues a different percentage make up of the police force vs. the community. (I would definitely read this article as putting undertrained people into positions like police officer could lead to some serious problems.)

Consider this brief a primer for the sure to follow violence and disinfo that will accompany this most unfortunate incident. But don't let anyone lie to you about the players or the conditions.

The first casualty in war is truth.


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