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275,000 Allied DEAD. 220,000 Germans
Passchendaele. Your Great Grandpa's war

Sometimes the news moves faster than you think.

One of those cases is/may be the case of the Chinese xxx photo services bust. As mentioned yesterday, the federals raided scattered sites belonging to 3 asian businessmen that allegedly were offering "photo sessions" with nubile women for $$$. We speculated that it was a Republican hang out and we may be right.

Also, as the mono party tightens it's grip on it's minions...It has to make an example every once in a while and who better to hit than the Mayor New York City (who is trying to frantically save his career)

It also means going so petty that the trained dogs of your media empire will use any event as grounds to indict their political opponents.

and with a suppressor thread!! call the ATF!!!!
Trump custom Glock (not the actual one auctioned)

..and lastly, the fact that people don't understand war. War is not you and your pain in the asss little brother fighting in the backseat of the family car. Especially, when one side opens with such a stunning display of barbarism. The following actions that may seem as overkill to the unaffected parties in both the east and west, obviously seem totally appropriate (even underrepresented by some folks thinking) but you have to view it through the lens of groups of people that have been used as political capital for going on 50-60 years.

building your military complex under a civilian hospital?
Total War in Gaza? Almost

The sooner people realize that this is just the newest issue/crisis being used to get you to lose focus on the tightening grip of these oligarchs and bureaucrats. To continue to strip you of your civil rights and individual freedoms, the better off they will be.

The phrase implies ethnic cleansing. So why would Israel back off? The real war is being fought on the streets of Europe, England and the US.

There is more than one side to the Gaza story
Genocide has a catchy tune. Gaza

You may want to check out this book. "Modern Islamic Warfare" by Harold Rhode

Today's "We support". (No $ for mention)

SOB Tactical (Instruction, Holsters and Slings)

MT Burton Gallery (Artisanal Pottery and more)


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