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Daily Mail sends up the smoke screen.....was it the US Dept. of Defense that got Tucker fired?

More likely, it's the Blues watching their narrative of the Jan 6 events fall apart. This is from a Senator Murray (D) webpage

the quote:

"Senator Murray’s speech comes on the heels of Tucker Carlson using his platform on a Fox News prime time show to try and downplay and outright erase the severity of the January 6th insurrection—which led to serious injuries and even death among Capitol police—and amid recent revelations from the Dominion lawsuit that Fox News hosts, producers, and executives understood hosts were platforming conspiracy theorists to spread doubt on the results of the 2020 election, and that Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch used the network as a tool to advantage Republican political operations."

Go through that statement and the Senator's BS comments above it (on her page) and contrast that with what we are seeing on screen as to the "awful carnage" of the January 6 incident.

I am making my bets and sticking to them. (See below)


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