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The Targeting of Republicans at their job.

The Targeting of Republicans. Teacher of the Month, Teacher of the Year and Walmart Teacher of the Year Targeted by Political Agenda in Broward County, Florida: Mr. Sutton, a well-known and respected teacher who has been recognized as Teacher of the Month, Teacher of the Year, Walmart Teacher of the Year, and receives the highest ratings in his annual evaluations, was recently targeted by a political agenda. In a meeting with his former principal, Mr. Sutton was informed about an email that his principal received which stated, “Find something on Mr. Sutton. We want him fired.” Mr. Sutton did not take this accusation lightly and took immediate action. He turned this matter over to the State’s Attorney’s Office, who launched an investigation into the email. The State's Attorney's Office informed Mr. Sutton that they were able to track down the source of the email and that a school board member was involved. The board member in question has since resigned. It was confirmed that they we’re definitely targeting Mr. Sutton. This incident brings to light the question of whether individuals with different political views from ours use their power to "find something" on people they disagree with. This behavior is not only unethical, but it is also a violation of the fundamental principles of democracy. Mr. Sutton has demonstrated that he is an excellent teacher, who is dedicated to his students and his profession. He has worked hard to earn the recognition he has received over the years and has not let this political agenda tarnish his reputation.

In conclusion, we stand with Mr. Sutton and call on all individuals to refrain from using their positions of power to advance their political agendas. The education of our children should not be subject to political games. We thank Mr. Sutton for his dedication and professionalism, and we support him in his efforts to ensure that our schools remain a safe haven for all students and teachers. If you have been targeted for your Political beliefs, please join us at our next RLC meeting. For additional information, please contact Celeste Ellich or Bob Sutton #Gop. #RLC. #Fairelection. #votersuppression. #Freespeech.

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