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If you have been keeping up with this site, you know that we have taken the time to shine some light on our much maligned (and rightly so!) and beleaguered Broward County School system.

From oversized severance packages to ineffective teachers to subversive Union presidents to midnight library robbers, the "District" has it all.

While we still wait to hear back from Dan Foganholi about the goings on in the stacks at Miramar schools, we will shine the spotlight on an actual "bad book" and how it has been handled in the county system.

Some of you parents are possibly blissfully unaware of the book? actually more of a graphic novel titled "Let's talk About it: the Teen's guide to Sex, Relationships and being a Human"

this little gem showed up in the County in a number of the school libraries and got on the radar of the Moms for Liberty/Moms for Libraries organization radar.

One would wonder how it would have upset the Moms when it's section on buttplugs and anal sex only runs 1-3 pages? but?

The fact that there are such accurate depictions of versions of sex and sexual devices and sexual alternatives is probably what got it the pornography rating. (It is mentioned elsewhere that the publisher, Penguin Books, also figured they were in for it and therefor put the book into the more race category of graphic novel.)

The issues other than the pictures was they very way that the authors posited their view of "human" relations and there need to deconstruct the typical male/female or (more importantly?) the couple raising a child archetype.

Hip, trendy, CRT esque quotes like "the male/female gender binary works for some folks but leaves a ton of others out" followed by "it is an absolute viewpoint (my italics) based on a lack of understanding of just how diverse and nuanced people can be."

These are just a couple of shots from the book. Not Grey's anatomy but any stretch of the imagination and probably causing more questions than answering them in tithe typical teenage mind and definitely brought up a few questions in the minds of the Taxpayer.

Moms for Liberty found this book in 3 different libraries in the county. ( Fort Lauderdale High, Coral Glades HS and Nova High) I do not know the student body make up of the schools so I cannot speculate on why these schools were chosen over others. Although a quick check through admin records as to who ordered and who stocked the book would probably be revelatory.

So, as of this writing, the book has been removed from circulation. Where will it circulate next is anybodies guess. I am fairly certain that the County library system has no compunction as to putting this book into their facilities so those of you kids who still want to get a glimpse... but it really isn't about that is it? It's about using enticing (?) sexual imagery to push a social narrative and that is what this type of book does. Thereby using what would almost be considered pornography to draw in the impressionable mind and then give them the softens subtle sell of CRT and marxism.

por·nog·ra·phy /pôrˈnäɡrəfē/ Learn to pronounce


  1. printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings. "she warned that access to hardcore pornography was shaping children's expectations of relationships"

That said, it doesn't mean that you as the taxpayer needs to replace one type. of censor (as CRT and socialism can only exist in a vacuum, there can be no other competing thought) for another.

It is your prerogative as a parent and/or a taxpayer to have an opinion on the books that your children read. DO your research. Make your children do their homework at home. Stay involved. That is the only way to keep your children from worshipping false gods.

(Ed Note. some groups use the website "" when working up their own "banned" lists. You should read through the titles before endorsing any list least you become the next "bad actor")

If you want to email any/all of the School Board with any concerns that you have:

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