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the men behind him are "rumored" to have lied on the stand about a day in January

Hello everybody, this is Frank with Iron Age News. It's Thursday, May 30th, and unless something's happened, I would say the jury is still out trying to decide what the actual instructions were for the conviction of Donald Trump in the New York court system, which seems to be the only thing that the judge gave them as an option. I'm not gonna rehash all that, but it's amazing to me that people don't still wanna wonder what kind of overarching coup d'etat, it's not a coup d'etat though, because they haven't really taken over everything, but what level of a coup has actually occurred that we have judges basically telling you he's guilty and this is how he's guilty and all the many exciting parts of this that had nothing to do with law, this, that, and the other thing.

People will still say, well, you know, this about the law and that about the law, even on Fox, which is a joke. The big joke is this is a Kafka-esque trial and if you don't know what that means, go watch a short video on the trial by Franz Kafka. In the whole center of this thing, there's been a couple of interesting side notes, one of which is the outright destruction of Robert De Niro and what's left of his career.

So many people are trolling this guy. I haven't been a fan of his probably since fucking Untouchables after that. He's done the Fockers, right? He's just known for one or two characters.

There's a video, I think it was on Breitbart, of him yelling at guys in the audience, no, you're the gangsters, you're the gangsters. I'm thinking you've been playing a gangster your entire career. You've made your millions of dollars extolling the virtues of organized crime and murder and now you've got the moral high ground, right? You could have made other movies, you could have made Deer Hunter again, right? You could have done something else.

Awakenings, yeah, you could have done Awakenings twice, right? So he gets out there and if you're watching it, I would say check Breitbart. They seem to really keep him prominently covered and he has his little papers and he came out of his cocoon at somebody's behest and you have to wonder, was it really an agent, like an angry ex-agent who's like, I'll screw him somehow? Because even the left has a hard time dealing with his stuff. Right now, the kind of guy that they really like is Bill Burr.

Bill Burr is some type of comedian. He's famously known as a friend of Joe Rogan's. So that's sort of how he, if you were able to stay in Joe's good graces and he had you on the show, your career has kind of been made since then.

It's not bad, but I'm not a big fan. Very similar to, it doesn't matter who he's similar to. Patrice O'Neill is dead, that's all you have to know.

So Burr getting into it with Bill Maher. Bill's another out of touch, as you know, lefty from the old days, more of a Kennedy liberal, maybe a little bit edging away like Kennedy's cousin who smokes weed instead of takes pills. And Burr trounces him on some show and everybody gets an erection that Bill Burr is with the conservative or the right side anymore.

And it's not true, he's not, not at all. And this is a situation again, where Robert De Niro has been so well identified over the years with the left, not as bad as some others, not as bad as Bette Midler or Cher or Rosie O'Donnell or everybody on The View, but they're not really celebrities. So they don't count.

But now they had a thing on there and this is where you guys, once again, nobody does any research. I only bring it up because it was funny. Instagram had this thing on there that Kevin Costner passed over Bob De Niro because he likes to be called Bob.

If you don't, you get fired from what I understand. You have to call him Bob. So Bob De Niro got passed over for one of Kevin Costner's infinite spinoffs of this goddamn cowboy show that he's doing, right? And supposedly because he's been out there behind these little metal barricades every day, telling everybody how stupid they are not to see that Trump is going to stop fair trials and all this other stuff.

So basically the idea would be in Bob's mind, we have to have an unfair trial to stop this man from having unfair trials. A man who has never said he was gonna have an unfair trial, but we have to break every law and everything in the constitution to convict this man who has done more for New York than Bob De Niro has. And I include that Bob De Niro has put together the, the hell's the name of that film festival he does in his neighborhood? Well, he does a film festival in New York, which he was part of being involved in.

I don't know how instrumental he was, but he was there doing it. Not to the level I'm sure that Robert Redford was with the Sundance Film Festival, but Robert Redford as a naturalist also destroyed Sundance by bringing the film festival there. So there's that whole celebrity, I'll destroy you to save you.

The Eagles song, The Last Resort, I guess, was made for that. We'll go deep and go with the Eagles. And so he's been out there.

And the finest one, I believe it came out today was once again, he's out there and he has these guys that were Washington DC police who are bad, you know, bad characters and this and that and the other thing. And he says, these guys are heroes. They're out there.

And somebody goes, they all lie on the stand. He says, they all committed perjury. They're criminals.

And they're like, oh snap, where'd this guy come from? Like the guys in the back are like, hey, I thought they were just gonna come out here and like blow us or something. And here we're getting like hard truth thrown out there. And De Niro engages it.

Instead of just being a true Democrat and saying it didn't happen or this, that, or the other thing, or have him murdered, you know, he doesn't say any of that stuff. He gets into the conversation and the guy just does, continues, says that one there is this guy with these tattoos on. He's some villain from the freaking Washington DC police department who then seems to have been hired to do like psy-op type shit for Nancy Pelosi and all these.

I'm sure somebody has a video on him. He's, he looks like a freaking 1980s silver productions villain. Like Joel Silver went and hired this guy for two bags of blow and a chance to have sex with like Tara Reid.

You know, that kind of deal. So it's, back to the story. So it's just funny.

So Costner's like, you know, Bob's a kiss of death. I don't want him making Focker's Four out of my epic story of the wilderness, which is really King Lear and some Macbeth thrown in there. And every other actor is really from Europe.

A lot of European actors in there, meaning England and Ireland. They also get paid less. So you remember the blonde girl, whatever her name is, gets punched in the face a lot.

Not the one that you can't understand, but the other one. She's a lead character. I don't watch the show.

Wings Houser's girlfriend. That's all I know. Wings Houser's son's girlfriend on the show.

She's not anything from Ireland. She was in shows over there. That's how I saw her.

I was like, what's she doing on this? And so, like I said, Costner is doing this stuff, but is he paying them the, you know, is he paying the regular rate? I think that's why you see so many English and Irish actors in American productions, because you can pay them less. They say, well, you're not known in America, so we're going to pay you less, but they're known everywhere in England and Ireland. So Costner's like, can't hire Bob De Niro.

He's a kiss of death, blah, blah, blah. These Instagram people are like, yay, yay, Kevin. Kevin Costner, if you look up his voting record, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Obama.

He says he's an independent. Bullshit, that's such bullshit when they say that. I'm an independent because he's afraid somebody who would have donated money to Waterworld 2 would be like, well, I'm not giving any money to some disaster film with a freaking commie in it.

And he'll say, oh, baseball, baseball, baseball. Bullshit, you're a persona in the movies versus your real life person, Mel Gibson. It's going to be two entirely different things, right? Sorry, Mel, it's an easy, easy joke on that one.

And supposedly he's still nice, I guess as long as you're not drunk and Jewish around him, you're all right. But this is the kind of shit that guys are going to start doing. That's why you know the tide has turned.

It's not even a Judas move. It's a, we're cutting our losses. Bob's 900 years old.

He's got seven kids. I don't think he handled his money correctly. You know, he's doing Analyze This 25.

He's doing Focker's 75. If you're a second fiddle to Ben Stiller in anything, shut up. You know, they had Pacino a little bit, but you know what? Pacino can still pull it out when he has to.

You want to see unhappy people today? It's not the people locked up for January 16th or Donald Trump. It's those that invested in the Irishman. I don't think it ever made its money back.

Like I said, De Niro, Kiss of Death, freaking the director, whatever his name is. If he's not doing a goddamn gangster film, nobody wants to see it. He's doing a film about Indians in the oil business.

Who gives a shit? I think it's already out of the theaters if it was ever in the theaters, right? So here we finally see the brutal reality of most of the Hollywood socialists is I can't afford to have you around anymore. It's one thing to broadcast socialist ideas a la Trumbo, which is that guy from Breaking Bad, who's another one who's, oh, I'm all for the people. Your highest point in program was Malcolm in the Middle where you play God knows what the hell you want to call that character.

And secondly, you're a meth dealer that murders everybody. That's solid work. That's keeping the kids in school, right? It's not up to him to keep the kids in school though.

So let's just be the fact that he is not doing Macbeth anytime soon. He had a long history of liberalism. The movie Trumbo covers over a glaring bit of issue that Trumbo was a socialist, covers that over pretty well at socialism, really did have a lot of effect in the movie industry at the time, a la the McCarthy hearings.

Read an actual book on the McCarthy hearings and what was being done at the State Department to derail it, what was being done through the media with the help of the State Department and intelligence to derail it. And these are all not conspiracy things. These are things that were written at the time because this is a hearing.

A lot of this stuff is stuff that went into the hearing. Read William F. Buckley's books, book McCarthy and His Enemies, or get the Cliff Notes or whatever you have to do. This has happened time and time again, right? But what the thing is they always do is if somebody has to go under the wheels, they let them go.

You know, Bob should have enough money. Tribeca Film Festival, I'm sorry, I blanked. That's him, Tribeca Film Festival.

That's also, I think the name of his production company, Tribeca, that's the neighborhood in New York that he lives in, yes. They came up with all these names a number of years ago to make the area marketable. They do that shit down in Miami too.

And everyone's like, where is that? What are you talking about? They're using old like 1930s land, right before the depression, the first big land rush. They cut the whole area up and they use those names now, or they use the names of the second land rush now. Just an aside, because I got to get paid by the Florida government of tourism.

So yeah, that's just, it's just funny. So let's hope these golden calves continue to get fucking slaughtered. They need to draw some more people in, but any of you who are out there that are gonna intentionally buy or watch a Kevin Costner show because he's clubbing Bob De Niro, do yourself a favor, it's not true.

It is a branding issue. He's branded himself as the great American West. I didn't even know they make a truck finish because everybody around here has pickup trucks for no reason.

Because they're not fucking workers. I don't know why they have them, but they, whatever, the Yellowstone is the show. They have like a Yellowstone thing that goes on the truck.

You know? I was like, when they put the Harley Davidson thing on the truck, it's like, what more could you do to make somebody wanna vandalize this fucking truck? You know? So it boggles the mind, these guys. You know, I said, somebody goes, what are you against trucks? When I had to be in a truck, it meant I had to go to work. Didn't mean we're gonna go out on the weekend and listen to bullshit country light music and yee-haw and wear a shitty pair of boots that came from wherever, Iana.

You know? $5 pair of cowboy boots on a girl who shouldn't be wearing $5 cowboy boots. She should have invested in good shoes and also cover that ass. Because it's not helping anybody and it's driving the fish out of the streams.

So that's another story for another time. But otherwise, Bob DeNiro, you get the Oscar today for, I don't know what, best car wreck. So take a look at it if you get a chance.

Like I said, Bannon has somewhat of it. Breitbart has it. And it's just, he's losing steam because it's like he's in, like, the hell was that? That old film where the woman doesn't, I didn't get small, the pictures did kind of thing.

Bob's finally realizing his cocoon is coming apart. And the reality is nobody gives a fuck about him. He's irrelevant.

You know, he's a caricature. He's a character actor now. He is not a method actor.

He is not groundbreaking performances. I need an Italian wise guy. Okay, I'll play an Italian wise guy.

And then it goes, right? Get Pesci. At least Pesci's more serious about it. You know, he's branched out too, right? So that's about all.

Have a good day. It's Thursday, weekend's coming up. If you get a chance to look at some of the stuff that we have on the other, we covered the entire thing with the Rafa killing of the terrorists, but also what really caused that other explosion.

Once again, it is not intentional bombing. There is a thing called a war and things happen. It's unfortunate.

But don't, once again, if you don't wanna believe the Bill Burr thing or the Costner thing or whatever, fine. But also don't believe that these guys are actively trying to kill women and children because they're not. They're trying to kill Hamas who won't come out from behind the women and children.

And they will in most cases when they can engage them a lot closer. But once again, hard to do right now. You know, if they prefer, if Hamas would prefer, I'm sure we can make a phone call to somebody and say, we'd rather take this to the streets of Paris.

We'd rather take this where you kill us in our beds in Qatar. I have a feeling the Israelis would be happy to oblige them with that, but they don't want that. They need to, they're fixing that there and they're gonna be unhappily surprised later on.

Much as Bob De Niro will be because even if Trump goes to jail, he's already done. You know, the new financing of motion pictures, which doesn't even exist anymore, is not based on a lot of the same things it used to be based on. And Bob De Niro's fucking stock is going into the toilet.

You know, if you're making a movie now with him and with the fellas from Goodfellas, it's almost become like a Woody Allen film. You don't get paid well, it doesn't make much money, but it helps your exposure. You know, and a guy like that can't live on a million dollars a year.

His rent's probably that much. So, okay, boo-hoo-hoo for Bob De Niro. Talk to y'all later on.

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