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Viewership may be small but it is vocal. This video (available on Rumble) is part of a multi episode series dealing with the history of Communist China up to today.

The viewer as do I believe that there is not enough background, on the majority of world players, available to the average US viewer. This causes us to make snap judgements and ill informed assumptions which then add to the famous "smoke and mirrors" that the Communists have used since Nixon to paint themselves as an equal competitor on the world stage.

The reason that we get this paranoia (and it is designed paranoia) is firstly, the Communists have been so good at implementing their own homegrown version of the Art of War (Mao made a copy of the book in his Little Red Book) add to that the fact that, since Nixon, the USA and other western countries totally misunderstood the intention of the Communists engagement with the west which was to learn/steal as much of our technical information and then replicate our manufacturing in their country.

The money that would be brought in through the lucrative business dealings with greedy capitalist corporations would then be skimmed off and turned back upon them in the form of espionage, infiltration and (where applicable) straight up erosion of western influence

by duping third world or financially impoverished countries into doing Red China's bidding.

We now have an inkling as to the level of China's investment into the US government's political elite (see Hunter Biden laptop) and realize that we in the west have been led through a maze of disasters, many of which were China's making.

The issue raised in the video regarding Taiwan is one that has been on people's minds for some time. The recognition of Taiwan or more importantly, the recognition of Taiwan as China is a pinnacle goal for the Communists. They have the need, as they did with Hong Kong, to snuff out any remnant of Western influence in their home country. Taiwan' s history as the (at the time) recognized government of China and a country allied with the United States

The Communist boogeyman has loomed over Taiwan almost since the beginning, but the Chinese on the island have learned to live with it and have grown one of the more successful economies in the region. An economy, that holds great strategic value world wide as Taiwan is a major manufacturer of microchips and associated products. Making it an incredible prize IF the Communists were able to take the island intact.

Which would be darned hard for them. Don't believe me? let Colonel Binkov explain the invasion in bast case scenario: (check out all the variations for invasion at Binkov's Battlegrounds

The real issues would be that the Communists have been running a giant Ponzi scheme and their time is running out. The have had a shift in population size, a lagging financial market an underreported real estate crash which has drawn billions out of the savings of the average Chinese.

Some US military consultants have been busy pointing out the the Emperor has no clothes and even then, they are stifled by Chinese paid media and politicians. Even so, some things slip through the cracks. (I will comment on the US ability to wage war in the Pacific in another video)

Also not discussed is the quality of the communist Chinese soldiers and sailors the lack of large scale vessel operations and the almost ZERO combat experience of it's entire armed forces.

WE can go on and on, but this would be a bit of supplemental information for those taking an interest in the enigma that is the People's Republic.

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