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One of the strangest stories in the peacetime Navy is sure to be the case of the burning of the Us navy's amphibious landing vessel, Bonhomme Richard (LD-6) and the even stranger trial of it's would be arsonist/terrorist/all around bad guy Ryan Sawyer Mays.

Below is the video that was done at the time that we were still trying to find out what had happened to cause the tragic loss of a Billion plus $$$$$ Naval vessel and who the Navy thought was behind the arson. (see video Below)

This allowed for som e speculation in the narrative as the facts started to come out and it seemed that Sean Mays was far from an in terminational terrorist mastermind.

After intense questioning of Mays as well as an apparent pressganging of an assortment of questionable seaman, the Navy charged Mays with the arson and was looking in to a lifetime in prison.

An excellent summary of the case and it's summation can be found below. The amount of malfeasance and just plain neglect on the part of command/control and then the JAG office is stunning.

In the end, the Navy was down a ship. A family got their son back and the real answer to the question "who burned the Bonhomme Richard/" is still unanswered.

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