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After Eons, it is "becoming" reasonably accepted that the Hunter Biden "laptop from hell" is a legit item.Socialist spin masters are now going into further deception mode to try and paint poor Hunter as a victim to Rudy Gillian's criminality. It is even being used as evidence in the ongoing House hearings on Twitter and the other mainstreamers in regards to censorship and intent to influence the 2020 elections.


More Incredible is that not ONE law enforcement agency has taken the lead to arrest and/or prosecute Young Mr. Biden. This show us the failings of both law enforcement was well as prosecutor's offices countrywide.

Only proves to show the American citizen that the Rule of Law did NOT survive the coup surrounding the 2020 election. The reason is the fact that any/all law enforcement services that operate in towns/cities/states where Hunter Biden resided or visited whilst in possession of the computer. Which would make the situation one where Law Enforcement would believe that a person in connection with the laptop (pre-drop off) would be in possession of, not only evidence of espionage or wire fraud, as well as being in possession of photos of child pornography.

The child porn would be the most damning and the one that is almost impossible for PD to ignore as it is the most dire action through Federal Statutes:

34 US Code 20341_ Child ABUSE REPORTING:

We know about the child porn because:

Rudy Giuliani gave a copy of Hunter's laptop to Delaware authorities and specifically mentioned the photos.

This should have been enough for any local DA to launch and investigation in to the matter FBI or no FBI and they would have been totally justified, but nothing happened.

Some videos on cracking the Biden codes:

From the phone messages and texts

Senate report on Hunter and corruption

Conspiracy theories abound:

The Biden and Belt and Road:

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