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It's not a conspiracy unless everyone gets in on the action.

It started with an article about Germany trading trucks to Romania IF Romania would donate modified T55 tanks to Ukraine. Except, that in the first part it was supposed to be German Leopard tanks for the T55s. Turns out the tanks were in such condition as the trucks were a better bartering tool and that is just one story of how Eu/Nato countries wash out old military weapons for bright shiny new ones.

It would seem that any NATO country with a stockpile of vintage gear can upgrade to newer items simply by "donating" the old gear to the Ukraine war effort. Then, they mark up the value of the products and either buy or petition for replacements from the US of A.

But even then, some countries are making out better than others. Like the Germans and their $Billion deal for 155mm Self Propelled Howitzers

And in some cases, you not only get to take old hardware off the books, like the 30-40 plus y/o Marder and Gepard, but you can also help out a pal like Uncle Sam by giving your old Patriot missiles to Ukraine, thereby circumventing the US Congress

Endless possibilities in adventures in arms dealing!

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