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Maybe living in Florida is providing an echo chamber for the DeSantis campaign, it's fans and most of all... the Governor himself.

We warned that at some point he would start to get does of Big Boy journalism from the Mainstream Media and it would be that exposure and his handling of it that would tell us what type of candidate we had.

Esquire's Jeff Vander Meer entered the fray on Feb. 10 with a scathing piece on Der Governor.

and there have been subtle queries and some half hearted shots at him, maybe a quote about his polling numbers, hatred for the "Truth" about Covid, etc. but now, I have the pre-eminent "hit piece" on the Governor and I am happy to share it... Ron DeSantis...war criminal!!

Seriously, what if it's real? It is a well crafted piece of mis/information and comes down squarely in a part of the Gov's past that he is most likely to harp on. His time in the Global War on Terror.

If articles like this gain traction in the MSM, the DeSantis camp will be kept busy trying to, either, get his whole record out to the public or get it all sealed. If he is found to have been in Cuba (even for 15 minutes) the Good story "proves out"

Honestly, I didn't;t think that the Globe had it in it's staff to do a piece like this, but it is rumored that the owner is/was a friend of Trump. If so, Governor, welcome to the big leagues!

Also mentioned in the video .

Florida's Resign to Run law:

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