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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Another night at the Liberal Dem follies!

LHP City Committee. Unashamedly Tax and Spend Democrats. So it turns out that nothing changes in LHP except for the property taxes (always up) as the city committee was in full on Dem mode last night.

If you were wondering where the "strong mayor" role model was, it was present in Mayor VanB as he channeled some vintage Troast and decided that the Building Department is to be moved to the old Firehouse. There had been a citizen who, earlier, had mentioned that there had been rumblings during the election for an audit (similar to time/efficiency study not who stole the milk money) done on the Building Department so that the city would know how best to spend the money. That isn't happening. The amount of permits for A/C switch outs and fencing (watch the video as I did) makes it imperative to get the move done sooner rather than later. AND it a nice bit of Chutzpah, thee Mayor has some numbers that he received (from 3 licensed sources and based on a firm set of plans??nah) as to how much it would cost to put the new Palace of Building together. $million(s) But why not? Fire got a new Firehouse. Police got an unsubtantial raise. Public Works got a new building, the Park got a new "Activity building" and pretty soon we will dump $800,000 on a new tennis court.

Did we fix the bridges yet? or the streets? It seems that since we hired the lobbyist Committee has been able to attend a number of events. I didn't hear how many were "Fix the Bridges and infrastructure" events but I'm sure that the one with our new Dem Congreesman in attendance was right on target. While the Committepeople are out on their party trail, they need to find someone to pay for Seawall restoration. The company that did the presentation on projected repairs is the company that seems to not bid most of the bridge work. I could be wrong but aren't the bridges failing? Anyway, the cost for them to fix the seawall. That is Millions again! Maybe we need to let some other contractors take a look at what they think should be done and make appropriate recommendations to the city as to how to structure the bids? Seawall like bridge repair is also something that most of the last mayors have ignored or kicked down the road as it got in the way of holding parades and gala park outings. But find the money we shall, even if it seems that the place that the city wished to draw cash from may be a teensy bit..... which could causes us more problems.

On a positive note. The persistant danger of over 5 foot hedges has been taken care of. Thank God!

The scourge of over a few hundred unlicensed floating docks? That died a death.

What does the city have against foliage? We may never know.

Actual Positive: Councilwoman Petrone and the crew at the Nautical Flea Market. 12000 estimated attendees. Biggest event like it in the state? Good stuff.

Remember taxpayers. If you never anticipate owning your home, keep voting for stuff like this. The next election is in 2024. Let's stop appointing our Committee and Mayors and start electing them again. It keeps them on their toes. #TransparencyAndAccountability

Make your voice heard at one of the upcoming Committee Meetings, the schedule is usually last minute, but that is what makes it fun!!

City website with dates and times is below

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