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If you listen to anyone in the news, political rallies or even the local food store, they will tell you that Florida is a RED state. Not red, but RED!!!. None more redder, things like that.

Unfortunately, if you were to look at the detail charts and election results, you would find an oasis of blue in the otherwise RED!! of Florida. That blue are the counties of Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward. These three counties (due to population rise) have been and will continue to be pivotal in the electing of state and national figures.

You may think that the DeSantis election was a walkover, but many people working the election were concerned. DeSantis had a thin margin in the election prior, plus being up against the only Democrat candidate to come close to outscoring him, (we don't talk about "fortified" vote totals) made it a tough race up until the last few days.

We will definitely have the same situation going into the 2026 as there were not nearly enough safeguards put in place to guarantee voting integrity (meaning Dem voting hi jinx) PLUS the fact that DeSantis has sucked all the oxygen out of the Republican bubble leaving us with no clear successor to the throne. (more on that later)

But enjoy the Governor, we will, until he terms out.

Regarding the other elections that occur and are "sponsored" by either the state or County GOP, we can be more straightforward as we are not a winning streak there.

Case in point is the current Municipal elections in Broward County that with go off in March 2023. (general information is in the link below)

If you knew about the election, wonderful. If you didn't? join the club of about half the 200,000 plus Republican voters in the county. Do you know who the candidates are? Do you know what districts are having elections? Let's go over and look at the Broward GOP website.

As of the time of this article (1/16/2023 11:26am) there is no information on the candidates running in March. In fact they still have the 2022 election voting guide up.

The team and I made some inquiries and were able to piece this much together:

* There are 4? candidates running for office in Broward.

1. Darlene Swaffar in Deerfield Beach. ( Seat 2

2.Maria LoRicco(?) in Deefield Beach ( Seat 1

3. Someone in HillsBoro Beach

4. Someone in Coconut Creek

(disclaimer:We at SFLC are more inclined to endorse John Doe 3 and 4 as they are probably more conservative than 1 and 2. Chip Lamarca endorsements do NOT make for Conservative values, right Mr. Disney?)

So, if the math is correct (send corrections to the "Contact" section of the site) the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) is fielding 4 fully vetted (people in line with the current platform as set out by Donald J. Trump) and have adequate cash and physical support to run an election. (There is some question as to the logistics and financing from BREC)

This leaves us (if we use the table in the fist web post or goto the Broward SOE page

This leaves the Republican Party in Broward County with 4 seats to vie for while leaving 8 seats uncontested, including 1 Mayor!?!? How is that a strategy?

Which makes you wonder about the supposed "farm team" that BREC is growing.

What is the methodology being used to pick candidates. How are they being trained to run a competent campaign where they can be a real threat to the Dems? Where is the logistical and informational delivery system?

I'm not seeing it.

If someone has to dig around to find out even the names of candidates, as I did, and still can't find any Bio information..well, that speaks to you doesn't it?

Until we get tired of losing the important fights, which in our County is the raising of taxes, destruction of infrastructure, security, etc. and just think that we can wish these problems away, we will continue to lose in this County.

You need to motivate the average citizen, not sit back and burn out the local Committee people. That is some box checking nonsense and only succeeds in keeping some people in a job without showing real results at the election booth.

Broward has too many RInos and too many invested politicians at this point. We need the average Citizen to get in there and make themselves heard and felt.

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