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He has dropped more T bombs than any other expose'

The war to save the United States has many fronts.

Most of the time, you will see it fought in the hallowed halls of the nation's capitol and sometimes in town halls and protests at the state level.

After the revelations of one, Kate Williams, on Shannon Sharpe's interview show, let us hope that a new front will be opened and the swamp that exists in Hollywood, USA will be opened and exposed.

Because as Matt tells it, it is way worse than Scientology and the occasional deeply closeted leading man. (Watch the video below to find out)

Katt pulls back the stained old curtain that shrouds this part of Hollywood in mystery and gives the viewer a chance to see the gatekeepers, selection process and "chosen ones" of the Black side of the entertainment business.

If you start to follow the news strands outward, especially under Oprah, you will see that Kate has kicked the lid off of some serious nastiness

Big O goes for wrist control
Weinstein, Oprah and a Morsel

Let's hope that some of these hip hop and black culture investigative journalists break this case wide open.

It's not if you can act. It's who you know
Teraji Henson. Still waiting for her big paycheck

Hollywood has long been a deep pocket of the leftist party. A never ending flow of cheap money that was on hand to finance campaigns or to enrich operatives of the movement. (Example. the "professor" who had made the rape charges against the Supreme Court nominee and then wandered off with a book deal. President and Mrs. Obama and their production deal in Hollywood, etc.).

Oprah dustup derailed her career

Hopefully, there will be some final equity for these actors/actresses/professionals whose only crimes would seem to be not of the right political persuasion.

Stay tuned

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