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BEN SHAPIRO VS. TUCKER, TATE AND THE WORLD? How the Bonaparte of Online Conservative thought is going for broke in pre WW3

He's a dick! or is he?
Ben Shapiro as "Todd" from South Park

We went a little long on this video as there was a lot of backstory and motivation to go through before we could put forward any hypothesis on Ben Shapiro.

But we did the due diligence and here it is:

Some of the issues we talked about included, the Daily Wire. Shapiro owned or not, the channel has been making some $$$

It's "Celebrity" partner Ben has also been doing some consolidation and/or 'headhunting" of the opposition in the past and present.

Shapiro vs. Trump (quit making fun of my BFF Ron Desantis!)

Shapiro had a hand in DeSantis book tour: (part of the powderpuff interviews)

and of course, the more recent wars between Ben and his co-workers

Shapiro vs. Candace Owens:

and his need to be the appex predator in the nouveau conservative entertainment movement

Shapiro vs. Tate:

and the ultimate "white whale". Tucker Carlson

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