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Gatestone is one of the few groups still following the investment by Iran into Venezuela and to some extent, what it will mean to the future of United States autonomy and security in the region.

It's a good deal for the bad guys. Venezuela gets technical, financial and intelligence aid from the Islamic Republic and in return Iran gets the chance to, finally, strike a blow at the Great Satan. They had already started to try and recruit assassins in Colombia (see video below)

Meanwhile the Biden administration continues to try to work towards a nuclear effective Iran. The constant enabling of the mullahs has all the hallmarks of the Obama administration. Especially focusing on nuclear development,

removal of restrictions and repatriation of any/all of Iran's money that has been frozen outside of the Islamic Republic.

This is coming at a time when the new Israeli government is going through the first phase of appeasement to one of it's coalition voting blocks. (see below)

This is having a destabilizing effect on some of Israel's less adversarial Arab neighbors, let alone the militants. Of course, this will also have a chilling effect on the reviving of the Abraham Accords, which as a document, is one of the great steps forward for Arab-Israel relations.

So, once again, Middle East watchers will be watching. Let us hope that the USA and it's southern allies can work in coordination to finally bring the issue of these foreign bad actors to a close and move forward to trying to deal with the realities of the current situation.

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