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Just in time to harsh your 2023 buzz, the Media reports there was "kinda" a terrorist attack in Times Square.

What led to the attack was an American from New England who had become "militarized" through the viewing of Islamic jihadi videos and literature. He then proceeded down to New York and with a secreted machete started taking whacks at various passerby.

The joke is that this is going to be classified as a "right wing" attack even though it is clearly influenced by Jihad. A good video on the media BS is here.

This attack is very much in line with the current wave of islamic terror as experienced in France as illustrated by the beheading of a French schoolteacher, Samuel Party, a year or so back. I did extensive coverage on the terror attacks and the EU country's attempts to blame them on right wing extremist groups when they were, in fact, Islamists.

Let's hope that US law enforcement can take some time away from hunting innocent Americans and spend some time on tracking down terrorists or does that no longer fit the narrative?

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