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ME? not a proponent of the Green New Deal. Especially not of the population control through forced food scarcity program that so many elitist type obliquely mentions.

We already have the logistic boondoggle to deal with as well as fuel scarcity issues, the continued reality that a socialist coup has struck the United States and THAT event has helped to pull the stops out from every5 cent dictator and militia group that wishes to take control of ..whatever there is to take control.

How do we know troubles is brewing? A number of people have been on the subject (example below)

Who will be taking the brunt of all this? who is figuratively going to see the bodies pile up in the streets? I usually like to check out the ads in some of the opposition websites and propaganda where you will see something like this.

which leads to real life situations that are going to repulse most people.

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