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(NOTE: A number of these videos may contain a smattering of profanity.)

This video series goes back to the beginning of the Biden regime and shows the de-evolution of the US State Department's ability to handle and prosecute any kind of coherent foreign policy in Central America.

You can only serve one God at a time and the "officials" tasked with addressing the issue of making the torrent of illegals into the United States look like a trickle while at the same time continue to encourage said illegals to become a torrent into the USA was beyond their abilities. Thankfully, the socialists in the US felt their position powerful enough to drop that charade early on and go back to what they had done in previous administrations, ignore the situation.

The problem that came up for Mr. Biden was that around this time, the country of El Salvador elected the young, non "Big Party" affiliated Nayib Bukele to the office of President.

Bukele has turned into something that most Presidents in that part of the world fail to be, a proponent for positive change in his country. Putting other countries' interests aside, he has been working to transform El Salvador into a fully functioning democracy that is intent on upgrading the quality of life for it's citizens.

And he is. actually doing it?!

But we are getting ahead of our reporting. In the video below, we outline Biden's initial ploy to change the perception about the flow of illegals into the USA. Keying up on the fact that the Mexicans are now facilitators and not participants in the border jumping. Guatemala, at the time of production, was the Numero Uno supplier of bodies.

What started to send the love in off of the rails was the fact that the lawfully and popularly elected President Bukele stated that the only way to move forward with the country was to relieve the members of the "old school" judicial system as exemplified in the country's Supreme Court. A number of things were brought up by Bukele's opposition seemed to signify that the old ruling class was intent on stalling the country, even to the detriment of the citizens, hence the move against the Courts.

Backstory with Biden would probably be that the "Old Guard" contacted someone at State and showed a definite interest in regime change. Or, they contacted their friends in our media and therefor jumpstarted the road to overthrow.

The following hit piece on Bukele and some of his supporters started the ball rolling in an (un) expected direction. EL Salvador started to talk up communist China!

This should have sent off the alarms at the State Department because China has descended on South America en masse and is cutting deals with a host of the other nations down there.

This all ties into the Belt and Road Policy of the People's Republic as it relates to Central and South America specifically

However, Bukele seems to be a hard girl to romance. Instead he looked at the issues of deals with either of these Powers and seemed to be looking for a middle road.

Love it or hate it, Bitcoin has been around for awhile now. The idea of some of it's champions is to offer a different type of reserve currency, one that does not shake in whatever wind the various Reserve banks intends to blow the world economy. Safe? Sustainable? but more importantly, out of the hands of both the Communists and the Gringos.

So, Bukele decided to experiment. (video below)

This time different alarm bells went off in the USA, over at the Treasury and Federal Reserve.

Inconceivable that a small country would try and ween itself off of the US dollar! Doesn't he know he is committing suicide with Salvador's future? The stories started to swirl about..more war drums in the night.. Bukele was the Captain of EL Titanico and Bitcoin was the iceberg. New stories come out. Bukele is a right winger, Bukele is a dictator in training, Bukele will outlaw ________ fill in the blank.

The issue was that Salvador was looking to diversify their investment as the US dollar is on it's way into the toilet of history and/or the fear that Biden or however plays Biden on TV decides they want to freeze Salvadoran accounts. Also, it allowed (by issuance of individual Bitcoin wallets for every Salvadoran) the citizens to send money from other countries back to Salvador so as to pay their bills and taxes without the scandalous percentages charged by the money transfer people.

At this point, there was a call (from outside El Salvador) to impeach Bukele due to his "reckless" investment in Bitcoin (by now he had made additional purchases, buying on "the Dip" meaning when Bitcoin prices went down. As a sweetener to the possible overthrow, the IMF held up a Billion dollar loan to Salvador citing the use of Bitcoin as a problematic issue.

(see video)

SIDE NOTE: This issue was put out as a "red herring" to try and further tarnish the Bukele Administration. A number of opposition journalists (old regime fans? Communistas?) found out that they had phones that had been compromised with an Israeli spy software.

Whatever the hubbub, Bukele was able to sideslip it. He has since made the "smart move" for him. He still has his Bitcoin program and he has excepted China Dollars to build non-essential building projects (like the new soccer stadium) this allows him to stay out of the Belt and Road fishnet (for now) and also stay on the marginally good side of Biden's people.

What's he up to now? Well it depends who you talk to. The Left see him as a monster, fascist, far right dictator and will probably continue to ask for the US to overthrow the government as who be exempted in the NPR article

Problem being that in a CNN article a bit later on, they have similar specifics but tell you who the imprisoned are

the socialists really don't want these countries to get better. They need the violence and terror to force people to leave their homes and travel through hostile countries, thereby becoming prey to who knows who and to, at last wash. up in the United States as either cheap labor or possible votes/scapegoats for the continuation of failed social projects.

As always, I welcome all comments and suggestions.


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