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Ran across this documentary totally by chance. As Floridians know. Florida is a loooong state to drive and things that happen in Jacksonville (JAX) usually stay in Jacksonville.

The documentary showcases the rap war between two rival organizations in JAX. One repped by breakout talent Yungeen Ace and the other by his rival Julio Foolio.

This is not a traditional two gangs war and kill over dope, territory, etc. but rather over lyrics and beats. The frightening thing is not that young men are willing to die for their favorite hits, but that the City off Jacksonville seems powerless to stop any of it. Like they have NO rule of law whatsoever in the community and that's what should really be scaring citizens. (especially with a couple of twists that you will see in the documentary)

You can check out the video here.

I throw my two cents in about child soldiers in America, lost youth and what happens when Democrats run a city for too long. Video below

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