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Socialism in the USA prides itself on always being able to find the new oppressed. A group, no matter how big, small, known or unknown that they can then have the Mainstream Media prod and process into the humanitarian crisis du jour.

The problem is that, you can and do come to an end. As they Dorothy would say. "Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore" and she is most assuredly right.

Gone are the days of the psychotic Hollywood villain. Because that's just not the reality of our surroundings.

Or being the plot twist in some arthouse foreign film.

Today's transexual isn't about changes in human psychology or bubbling chromosomes or any of a number of other biological issues or determiners.

Today's socialism demands a god and what a better model than one that fuses sexuality, self determination and science run amok. Transsexualism 2.0

A vessel for the elites that need not know what good or evil is, that have pushed the envelope of sensual encounters to a place where people are viewed just satiation and availability and for that they are willing to foster laws and governmental organizations to shape children and (in some cases) confused or emotional scarred adults into their version of the "Best Version of Themselves" (video below)

Even in this free for all of some scripted Darwinian struggle, one has to give respect to some of those that are trying to pursue their own lives without becoming fodder for the propaganda mill. But those are getting farther and farther afield and in the end will suffer the discrimination that they always feared , unfortunately, by the hands of their supposed "Champions"


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