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First of all, let's start out by saying that if you were watching the above video, you now know what level of disinformation there exists between the ruling class of our country and the average citizen.

Reporter "Scott" is so tragically full of shit that his eyes are brown. The "blow out" that he discusses was pretty much the RINO wing of the "Republican Party" voting with their country club pals across the aisle.

Speaker McCarthy failed his first real test as Speaker of the House and if there were any justice in the world, he would be asked to step down along with the others that voted for this

indenture upon future generations to the tune of over $100,000 per person (and that's just the legal residents!) living in the USA.

The importance of this Debt Ceiling vote cannot be downplayed. (See our contributor piece on explains the Debt Ceiling below)

Debts Deficits and Defaults a few basics
Download PDF • 260KB

And this was the mindset of the actual Republicans in Congress and what should have been done.

However, with the FUNDAMENTAL differences among the members of the Republican Party, it did indeed pass. Thus validating the initial opposition to McCarthy as Speaker. That charge led by Congressman Matt Gaetz and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

True, it was a shit show and at least one Republican rep has had to stand down after it (the goon who was going to punch Gaetz) But, contrary to the article here, McCarthy seems to have given up nothing in exchange for his chair. So, now would be the time to make him aware that there was a cost of admission to the job.

Just for fun, you can follow Speaker McCarthy's suspect stock purchases here:

One other takeaway for those in the Minority Citizen theorizing camp. The issue about a work requirement for welfare.

This is an LA Times articles you know it's socialist propaganda. AN issue being brought up about this topic is this.

* The US has a very large demand for employees in most job categories. INCLUDING, what would be considered entry level/blue collar positions. Historically, these positions have been how a newcomer to the job market from a poor background would initially develop the work habits needed to rise in any of the associated fields. (Ex. the old apprentice system or junior sales associate, etc.)

The democrats fought against the work requirement to continue on the welfare system. (Fun Fact. Whites outnumber Blacks on the welfare rolls) however, overall the lag in Black employment is, in part caused, by these constrictive social programs.

A conspiracy theorist may say that the elites continue to disenfranchise the Black community in order that they be replaced in those transitional jobs by the flood of illegals that they (the democrats) are letting in through the southern border.

The Black community in Chicago is starting to wake up as they find that $51 million USD in city housing is going to go to illegals and not to the real Chiraqians!

Spoilers! The Chicago City Council did vote "Yes" to cutting off the poor citizens of Chicago from $51 million dollars worth of housing.

So, what the average citizen has left to do is boycott. Go down the list of those who voted to increase the Debt Ceiling and send them a letter telling them that you will not vote for them in their re-election nor for any of those that they endorse and that you will actively recruit others in your community to do likewise.

You can also get your friends together and start a letter writing campaign. They are still an effective means of influencing an elected official.

Here is an example (don't worry that it's from UK).

...and here are the characters in our play.



so, at least the US citizens know for sure who is in their corner and who is bought and paid for by any number of outside influences.

This upcoming election and the Congressional votes that occur between now and then are the most crucial in our lives!

Do your best to make a difference.

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