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Cypress bay High School is disproving the old adage that lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place. It strikes at least THREE times!!

The largest high school in Florida has made the news twice this week as shotgun shells have been found on two separate occasions on the campus. This effectively closed the school for Tuesday and Thursday (2/21-23/2023)

Parents received notice to pick up their children and were told that the school was operating under a "secure protocol". Some parents, seeking more information than what was being offered by the administration, went up to the school on Tuesday for a meeting and were informed that the facility was operating under a high security protocol. The problem , as had been relayed by parents through social media and the usual outlets, is that there was no security.

That parents were able to walk into the school and move about at will with no intervention from security. One would think with the anniversary of Stoneman Douglas fresh in the mind that someone in administration would think it best to err on the side of security during a gun related scare, but we shall find out.

(Ed. note: inquiries will be made from out service to the administration to get their response)

This incident barely has time to get room temperature when a possible "hate crime" has occurred on campus, once again showcasing the lack of security at Cypress Bay.

The victim, an Asian youth was attacked and beaten by three African/american youths in his classroom. The attack was co-ordinated through some manner of communication as the boys came from their own classrooms to the victims class and had someone in the victim's class unlock the classroom door so that the assault could occur!

Premeditated attacks by thugs wandering the halls of Cypress Bay during school hours? Where were the security guards? How did all three get out of their respective classes to go commit the crime? When will the video surface? (it has been mentioned that administration asked that all students and teachers wipe their phones of the video but it will be hard to verify that. I will be surfing Worldstar and waiting for it to show)

This may be the final straw for the school as word has it that the State of Florida has sent investigators down to look into the attack as well as issues of ranging from security, crime in the school to toxic workplace.

It speaks volumes that on the day the investigator shows up that 30 +/- teachers had called out sick and that an examination of the rolls would show a deficit of teaching staff at around 80 having left, retired, transferred...

Cypress Bay should be the flagship High School for our County and, probably, for the State of Florida. It is time that the parents step in and demand better for their children.

Don't let the iron curtain of bureaucracy stop you from protecting your children! Find out what is going on in your school!

Contact the school at the link below

And if you don't get answers there, contact the County School Board!

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