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Tuesday's School Board Hearing on "charges" against Board members Brenda Fam and Allen Zeeman went as it should. Both defendants had the "charges" set aside and have been referred to the Ethics board for a judgment.

This "case" (and we are using a lot of quotes in this article) should never have gotten as far as it had. Especially in the case of Mrs. Fam.

Below is the Herald's version of the "incidents"

The Fam incident is the more egregious as she has been the more open and outspoken of the new board members when it comes to clean up and reform of the school district.

In her short time in office she has been involved in the issues of pornograhic materials being disseminated in the County School Library system, the exposure of unlicensed daycare operating on School District property and, one of her first acts, cutting the size of the "golden parachute" that was given to the outgoing Superintendent.

The charge against her and the hype around it looked and smelled like an old machine politics hit piece.

Notable notes (and you can read these side by side with the Herald article) the 'victim' in this case was approached by someone at School Board and asked if they wanted to press charges. That was declined.

Interim Superintendent Earless Smiley then made the statement that there was, indeed a Complaint filed AND a Police Report! Both made out against Brenda Fam!

Amazing that in a room with 650 or more people that no one saw this supposed "touching"?

It turns out that later on, as in at the hearing, Superintendent Smiley state that there was NO Police Report and NO complaint filed. (Side note: in this room of 650 plus persons there was no additional camera footage and the School Boards own surveillance cameras were not on*) So, we can determine that the Broohaha was just a calculated bit of Slander to gain traction amongst the press and to put additional pressure on Fam. Smiley also failed to mention that the youth was not advised to have a parent present (as he was 18 but still a student of the school) nor to have an attorney present during a question period held by the School Board.

For her part, when receiving the news about the possible outside investigation, Fam immediately requested that a Criminal Investigation be held so that justice could be preserved in the case. (From what I have gleaned, the State Attorney General's office declined to investigate)

In light of these facts, I think that the Interim Superintendent, the Union Head and a number of their minions should be the ones going in front of the Ethics Board. It is time that the people of Broward County hear the truth about their elected officials and the abureaucracies in which they work "to serve the community"

You can email any of the Board at this page:


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