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Let's make that bold statement. There is currently no right wing organizations engaged in terror attacks in the United States. There are, however, homegrown terrorists. Terrorists that look back on the Weather Underground, Red Army Faction, etc. as "founding fathers/mothers" of the new socialist revolution that they have now decided to take a part in.

The video below came out after the "conclusive investigation" into the Nashville Bombing. TO extrapolate from that activity to the reviving of the old style overeducated college radical terrorist and the "street thug" ANTIFA types, you can start to get a flavor for the wide palette that today's socialist has to draw from to get the violence done.

From here we can add the newest of the terror groups Jane's Revenge who are systematically attacking pro-life centers.

One of the problems that the US citizen has to deal with is that there is sure to be an escalation in violence in some/all of these socialist terror cells as we approach the 2024 election.

The Socialists will have to do their best to make it near impossible for in-person voting to occur in major cities so as to be able to "enrich" the ballots and take the election for the Democrat party. Law enforcement is going to have to take sides on the issue and either continue to be the whipping boy for the liberal media in exchange for a pittance of payoffs or side with Law and Order and keep the rights of the Citizens in the protective hands of lawfully elected officials (including law enforcement)

A responsible government would have people out hunting down these terrorists and bringing them to swift justice. The US is not be bullied by a bunch of failed liberal arts students and wanna thugs. IT's time we start to spread the word in the rest of the country that the people need to "Florida Up" and deal with these monsters.

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