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Knowing that Terror Season is rapidly approaching, I had the opportunity to reflect on the group that I had seen rise since it's first coming out party in 2011.

Springing from the pages of a magazine in Canada and with it's roots firmly planted in European socialist terrorism, the ANTIFA that we all know today is a continuing evolution of the same negativity and nihilism that has been dooming Europe for the past few decades.

The since transplanted movement has received loving care in the USA, supported by the socialist/communist diaspora that we the Citizens of the United States have to inhabit.

The shooting of that Georgia State Trooper and the dry run riot of a few days ago will be thought of with nostalgia when a real bombing campaign gets underway. Police will be trying to stop these insurrections all the while being hindered by politicians and (in some cases) betrayed by them and by their own "hire-ups"

The real problem for the Citizen is how to stop these terrorists and keep yourself from being branded as a fascist or white supremacist and avoiding jail while your cities burn.

A faustian bargain at best.

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