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ATLANTA, GEORGIA. Looks like unusually warm weather is bringing the urban terrorists out early this year.

What started out as another socialist driven "Defund the Police" event has now cost at least one life a number of arrests and a few million dollars worth of damage. However, this is typical play for the Left and it's attack dogs in ANTIFA both of which are. seemingly, less concerned about the human costs to their idealogical crusade as is moves forward.

The issue starts with the usual suspects protesting the construction of a new Atlanta Public Safety Facility known as "Cop City". to give them the benefit of the doubt, here is a leftwing video about the site.

So the parties involved had reached an impasse. Minus points for the Atlanta Government for not throwing these people directly off the property when they started squatting. Minus points to the local lefties who were so hard up to put it to the man that they made a deal with the devil and brought outside terrorists into the local fight.

So, you can watch the video below and see what when on when PD finally started their sweep. (1 protester/gunman dead and 1 State Trooper injured). In the search there was also an allusion to explosives which I am wondering would have been used in IEDs to trap the construction site, thereby causing additional deaths and/or woundings.

This gave the terrorists the opening they were looking for and the "mostly peaceful" protest began.

Now as most of us that have followed ANTIFA will tell you, they as a terror organization have been evolving as their antics continue. They are sophisticated enough to mount multiple attacks and on multiple targets. This "riot" would have gone on even if PD had only arrested a bunch of the protesters.

More importantly, in the video above, goto the witness in the blue hat (00:38) he tells you that they showed up in Haul trucks and had glass breaking tools. Once again, not the sign of a bunch of burnouts or a scattered mob. They are well funded and constantly being trained.

(Look to this riot as a trial run for their next operation, either in Atlanta or one of the cities that they have had free reign in.. Philadelphia? Seattle?)

Following the initial fumbles, it looks like PD got their act together and we see that they are going to charge these terrorists with ,just that, terrorism. Now wether the District Attorney has the balls to go through with it will be another story.

As you notice, the "protestors" plan another riot for this weekend (they need the time to mass the troops) If Atlanta doesn't step into this issue, they are looking at another full blown riot season in their laps. Property damage, potential loss of life all the good things that the socialists need. Except for the fact that they may not be able to stir up the local community to come out and play with them.

If the good citizens of Atlanta realize that they are being played and will also be sacrificed for the "greater good" of socialism, then maybe we can see the some community pushback against these out of state terrorist operatives. Otherwise, it's just more of the same up to the 2024 election.

For those of you who want to hear more about this cheap group of read army faction cosplayers, the link below was suggested by our own Sean O'Neill.(it's a 3 part series on Rumble)


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