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Meet Hansjörg Wyss, ex-owner of Synthes (a Swiss medical supply company) super billionaire, environmentalist, illegal human medical experimenter(see below) and now major influencer in US politics.

Mr. Wyss is not now nor has he ever been a citizen of the United States. This was proven when a number of his executives (not him personally of course) were indicted in the US State of Pennsylvania for unlicensed medical experiments on human which resulted in 3 deaths

the rest of that story is here as noted from Wikipedia:

n 1977, Wyss founded and became president of Synthes USA,[5][7] the U.S. division of the Switzerland-based Synthes, a medical device manufacturer making internal screws and plates for broken bones.[6] He founded the company after meeting Martin Allgoewer, the founder of AO Foundation, and obtaining permission to sell the organization's devices in the Americas.[8] In an early initiative, Wyss opened a Synthes USA manufacturing plant in Colorado.[5] Prior to that, another Swiss company manufactured Synthes' devices and exported them to the U.S.[5] Under Wyss' control, the U.S. division expanded its sales team and trained surgeons how to use its products.[5] Wyss served as Synthes' worldwide CEO and chairman until his resignation as CEO in 2007.[4] He maintained his post as company chairman until Johnson & Johnson acquired Synthes in 2012.[9][10] During his tenure, Wyss said discussions of new products made up one-third of board meetings.[5] A manager assigned to the Norian project testified before a grand jury that "for somebody who is at his level and his level of success, I would say he [Wyss] has a surprising amount of contact with what's going on". Staff recalled meetings in which he intensively probed their projects.[11]

In 2009, top executives at Synthes were indicted by U.S. Attorneys for Eastern Pennsylvania for using an untested calcium-phosphate-based bone cement on human patients without authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. Use of the bone cement resulted in the deaths of three people.[12] Wyss was not indicted, but four top executives of Synthes were convicted and sentenced to prison terms.[11]

In 2012, Wyss sold the company for $19.7 billion in cash and stock to Johnson & Johnson.[13] According to Bloomberg, he received 97.4 million shares in Johnson & Johnson and $3.2 billion cash from the deal.[8]

This left Wyss free to pursue his true bliss, bankrolling dark money projects for the socialists and green dealers targeting the US election process

and now, the Hunter Biden defense club

At what point do we reform the laws that allow these billionaire carpetbaggers to go into any country (not just the US feels this BS) and manipulate politics to their liking?

Call your new representatives and let them know

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