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Unfortunately for the citizens living in Florida, these articles are getting more frequent as the Biden regime rolls on.

One of the many problems facing the news reader is discerning what should constitute a refugee vs. an illegal immigrant. That tale has been almost as distorted as "who is a man or woman" but much to the chagrin of world socialism, we do have critical thinking, the law and most often a legal definition. (see below)

Neither Cuba nor Haiti fit the descriptors for refugee status. Unfortunately for this article it seems to infer that Haiti is also run by a Communist government. That is not true. They are run by a kleptocracy and a government administration that is based on enriching NGOs (ex. the Clinton Foundation) instead of handling the welfare of it's people.

Haiti is equally guilty as they are sitting on a large reserve of petroleum and gas

(see video below) and why they haven't either 1. Nationalized the reserve or 2. Cut more lucrative deals for the development of the reserve is unknown.

Cuba has been the eternal problem as the island sits in permanent limbo. Financially backward since the end of Soviet subsidies and Politically a pariah with the US as the communist regime still tries desperately to hold onto power.

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