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Are they the perpetually ignorant or the stubbornly hopeful? The people that think that the Hunter Biden laptop does not contain information that would have swung otherwise "rank and file" democrats to NOT vote for Joe Biden?

The answer is.."It doesn't matter anymore". For those of you that were afraid of getting busted for having redo porn on your computer, I bring you the entirety of the Hunter Biden laptop (minus the illegal bits) in all of it's horrible glory.

This is definitely a tome that no sane or law abiding person could have cooked up as a fiction and it's ramifications seem to (at least a few years bad) have driven the owner to near being murdered/suicide.

Luckily, the good people over at Marco Polo have put it all down on paper for the world to see. I strongly suggest that everyone get a copy, download it and keep it somewhere safe for when you have to have "that talk" with potential voters going into 2024. They are thinking Biden...think again! and you whip it out. 5 pages in and they will be cursing you for letting their walnut sized brains wrap around this type of corruption. But, you have to do it.

Any one who tells you that this information would not have made a difference in the last election must be working at the World Economic Forum. This is great journalistic work in getting the information out, translated and collated so as to form an decipherable trail of international corruption.

Kudos to the folks at Marco Polo!

Here is a PDF of the full report

Download PDF • 292.96MB

There is much more information on the website. Check it out!

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