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If you want to sign up for any of John's classes, link below

So, I had wanted to do a video on one of the courses in this current trend of operator cosplay, but didn't want to spend big $ and learn nothing or repeat some drill some instructor told someone back at "Bending" and now it is being recycled to you.

I had been out of practice for some time and I heard that SOB Tactical was offering a unique way to get your shooting up to speed or back on point.

So I signed up and showed up to class with my old Bushmaster and a jerryrigged web belt (I am more of a fly fisherman) leaving any preconceptions at the door.

There was not taping when I took the class (nor did I want to try as it was Africa hot and we were all melting throughout the day) but I can tell you had a pretty vivid recall of the events as seen in this video.


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